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Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development (CVCD) was established on the 25th of December 1992 by a group of local Khmer students who were at the time studying English behind the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Mr. Peter Pond and his foster Khmer-American son, Mr. Arn Chorn-Pond, supported these local youths to establish an organization that would educate and empower poor people while encouraging them to become active volunteers in their communities. The students named the organization “Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development”.

Generous individual donors and the King of Cambodia, who donated $2,000 USD, provided the initial funding for the startup of CVCD. King Prah Bath Norodom Sihanouk recognized and supported CVCD on the 22nd of September 1993. CVCD was registered with The Ministry of Interior on 17th of May 1996.


Founder, Arn Chorn-Pond

Excerpt taken from Wikipedia​

Arn Chorn-Pond was born in Cambodia in 1966 into a Battambang family of performers and musicians. When the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975, Chorn-Pond and hundreds of other children were sent
to Wat Ek, a Buddhist temple converted into a prison camp, where he survived by playing the flute and keeping the soldiers entertained.
In a 2002 interview Chorn-Pond described how his survival depended on repressing his emotions and distancing himself from the horror of his situation:
“I was in a temple where they killed three or four times a day. They told us to watch and not to show any emotion at all. They would kill us if we reacted…if we cried, or showed that we cared about the victims. They would kill you right away. So I had to shut it all off…I can shut off everything in my body, practically, physically. I saw them…


Letter from the Executive Director

What are you looking for from this page? Whether you come to our website because you have questions about – When & how was CVCD started? Who created this organization? Who fund this organization? What do we do and what are the impacts? CVCD has all of this information and so much more!Welcome and thank you for visiting Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development’s website. Your interest in, and support of, CVCD is greatly appreciated and essential to our ongoing effort to promote and protect the right to education; provide economic empowerment, build and promote sustainable livelihoods in Cambodia.

I started working as Executive Director at CVCD in early December 2016 because I strongly believe in CVCD’s vision and mission. I am very excited to join CVCD team and I am moved by their positive energy and commitment to the work they are doing for the communities.

I am deeply proud of what CVCD has become over its twenty-year history. It has made an enormous difference in so many lives and, above all, has stayed true to its values and mission.

CVCD is a great non-profit organization that stands out in its field. The organization has an incredibly sound structure of governance dedicated to the utmost levels of transparency, honesty, and responsible decision-making. It has developed a comprehensive, integrated approach to fulfilling its mission of equipping disadvantaged communities with the tools necessary to help themselves lead better lives.

My vision for CVCD is for it to be a sustainable, highly reputable organization with a rapidly expanding global network. Going forward, I would like to improve CVCD’s financial independence so that one hundred percent of donations can go directly to program activities instead of covering administration costs. I look to grow CVCD’s global community of donors, partners, and volunteers to increase awareness of the challenges Cambodia faces and invite others to join in helping. I also seek to provide high-quality training to the staff so they can reach their full potential and continue to expand all of CVCD’s programs in innovative new directions. With the staff and capacities CVCD has in place, the next five years should prove to be a very exciting time for the organization.

Being part of the CVCD community has brought me great happiness. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all our committed staff, volunteers, donors, and partners for their generosity, enthusiasm, and on-going commitments to support the work of CVCD.
Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Nhim Saveun
Executive Director