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  CVCD’s history and large part of our focus has always been on education. Our organization works with communities that have alarmingly high child illiteracy rates. Currently, CVCD runs 3 kindergarten classes (expanding to 4 come September 2015), for a total provision of education to 92 children. These children are aged 4-5 years old and would otherwise not have the means to attend the public schooling provided by government. Our kindergarten students are enthusiastic and grateful to be at school. Teachers build on this enthusiasm and offer elementary projects in Khmer language and literacy; introduce the children to English; teach basic math (counting cubes, simple addition and subtraction); and the children practice social skills whilst interacting with peers.

   The Royal Government of Cambodia defines Non-Formal Education (NFE) as an official education system and recognizes all of CVCD’s schools (including our kindergarten classes) as legitimate Non-Formal Education Institutes. Our kindergarteners have access to high-quality education at an affordable (5 dollars per year) rate. These initiatives work towards meeting the World Bank’s Second Millennium Development Goal of achieving universal primary education.