International Volunteer Logistic

caroline  amanda Nino Michael  1 P1010583                                                                For many years now CVCD has invited international individuals to join us in our mission. Past volunteers have come from all over the world and brought with them diverse backgrounds, skills, passions and education. At CVCD we work one on one with volunteers to help them satisfy their objectives – whether that be empowering them with the experience required to enter desired labour markets; or satisfying their life-long aspirations of teaching children in a impoverished community.

Volunteer roles vary largely and heavily depend on each individual candidate and their experience and desires. Positions are created and tailored to suit applicants and CVCD’s initiatives or projects at the time of application. Past volunteer titles include: MicroFinance Intern, Community Development Intern, and English Teaching Assistant.

  Volunteers are based out of our head office in Phnom Penh and working hours are Monday to Friday 8am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. Note that there is a two-hour lunch break and volunteers have the option to leave and explore the city, dine out or enjoy lunch at the office with fellow colleagues. Volunteers also have weekends off and are encouraged to travel and experience the country.