Community Development

32 Agriculture and Community Development

CVCD’s Agriculture and Community Development project seeks to strengthen the quality of life of people in rural communities by providing training and helping to build community infrastructure. Agriculture trainings aim to strengthen the agricultural techniques implemented by Cambodian farmers. CVCD maintains a demonstration 145kbfarm for use when conducting training courses for local villagers. Training subjects include, theory of growing rice, how to use herbicide or pesticide, post-harvesting techniques, and animal and fish raising. In addition, in 2011, the demonstration farm was lent to a family with Community Development training provided, is a four day course offered in 2011 on “Breaking the Poverty Cycle”, which focused on showing people how to distribute their resources critically. CVCD helps communities improve their infrastructure. For example, aid from CVCD made possible the construction of a village hall in Sthapor muy, Ampil Commune and a 1500-meter canal in Apil Bramdoeum commune.The canal will provide water to 300 hectares of land belonging to 113 families. This new source of water help increase the production of   fieldrice for these families  and by doing so, raise their income and quality of life.