English and Computer

222 IMG_0489   Effective communication in English and computer skills are critical for future successes in the workplace. CVCD’s English classes follow the Non-Formal Education curriculum standards. Children are taught basic communication skills and are encouraged to incorporate as much English into their daily life as possible. They are given the opportunity to speak and interact with foreigners in order to build a strong language base. Computer classes focus on skills like typing, word, and excel. These classes are taught in English to further promote fluency in the language. Many children cannot continue their education past CVCD primary schools

because families are unable to support the costs of attending secondary school.

   The Scholarship Project allocates money and rice to these students, allowing them to continue their studies in state-run secondary schools. The funds help cover fees, materials, and transportation costs.

CVCD also provides the opportunity for donors to sponsor a child’s continued education. For $20 a month, your contribution will keep a student in school by providing funds to cover materials, transportation, and food. CVCD will send a short biography and picture of the student as well as regular updates on his/her progress.