22CVCD vision

To have strong and resilient
communities where people
are free from poverty and
are able to achieve their full

CVCD Values

       The most important single element of any
corporate, congregational, or denominational
culture, however, is the value system. The
values of any organization control priorities,
provide the foundation for formulating goals,
and set the tone and direction of the

  CVCD Mission

To building viable and
sustainable communities
through volunteer,
education, economic
empowerment and
agricultural programs


  • Provide educational opportunities for childrenfrom impoverished communities
  • Provide improved economic opportunities fortargeted communities
  • Promote and foster Cambodian andinternational volunteers helping Cambodiancommunities
  • Provide reliable, sustainable and culturallyappropriate client service to the people oftargeted communities
  • Promote growth and sustainability of theorganization through effective resourcemanagement