International / professional volunteers

Mrs. Sandra Kelly7(1)

In 2005 I became a volunteer for Australian Volunteers International with my first placement been with CVCD Cambodia. I worked very closely with CVCD for two years with my main project been the establishment of Rice Mill and Vocational Training Centre in the remote village of Seam. CVCD have adopted me as their mother and I have become CVCD International Advisor. I now visited CVCD every two years and volunteer with them for a month.






Mr. Alex Sobrado-International Microfinance Advisor

Mr. Alex Sobrado volunteered at CVCD in early 2015 to assist with the micro finance program and subsequently accepted the position of International Micro finance Advisor so that he would be able to continue to develop the program after leaving Cambodia.

Alex is based out of San Diego, California in the United States, where he works as an Equity Research Associate for a large asset management company. Alex has experience working in investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and has consulted several small NGOs in Capetown, South Africa.

Alex received his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Finance and Accounting.


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Ms. Caroline Pöll is a motivated young woman who has pursued the MSc Finance with Grenoble Graduate School of Business. Following her Masters thesis on Ethical Banking, she has graduated with distinction in 2014.
Caroline has gained various professional experiences due to an integrated degree program with NRW.BANK in Germany, as well as through her internships with the European Investment Bank, the German Development Institute, and the German Agency for Development Cooperation (GIZ).
Additionally, she has worked as a volunteer in various developing countries in Africa and Asia, mainly in the fields of Micro finance and Health. In her future career she would like to concentrate on the innovative and social sector of the banking business with a focus on Economic and Business Development, Risk Management, and Financial Inclusion.

Since October 2015 Caroline is working as a Trainee/Junior Analyst in the field of commercial of Banking with ING Bank in Germany.


Mr. Russell Lewis
Advisor CVCD’s Program

Russell come from Australia