Youth Employment Program

Youth Employment

CVCD is excited to announce the launch of a pilot project in partnership with Hagar International. The aim of this project is to enter the community of Krang Ankrong Pei and recruit youth who have minimal or no educational background to be put through an intensive 5-8 month vocational training program. The chosen individuals are victims of poverty and would otherwise struggle to find honest sources of income that allow them to adequately support themselves and their future families.

The aim of this project is to provide education and tools for disadvantaged youth so that they are able to recover from their past and begin contributing to a more rewarding future and career. This is done through two main activities:

  1. Eight-week work readiness training
  • Personal Development (practicing social, emotional and psychological well-being)
  • Appropriate attitude and behaviour at the workplace
  • English & Khmer Literacy training
  • High-impact tourism training (HITT)
  1. Employment Placement with a partner business
  • Career guidance workshop
  • Career counselling to identify client potential and their place in the labour market
  • 3-6 month on-the-job training (apprenticeship)
  • Job placement

To support the project, CVCD is offering an initial investment as well as continued financial aid throughout the training. Moreover, our organization is providing student transportation to and from these training sessions as well as prepared meals while in school. To support the development of these students, we are also providing rice donations harvested in our farm for all families of the trainees.