Board of Directors

​Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of CVCD is the highest institution of the organization. The Board is responsible for approving policy change, the budget plan and resolving issues that are discussed by the Executive Committee. In 2011, CVCD’s respectful Board of Directors consisted of:
Mr. Chann Savoeung, Chairperson
Mr. Sam Sokong, Member
Mr. Touch Nimith, Member

​Mr. Chann Savoeung-Chairman Governing Board of Director
Mr. Savoeung has served as the board chair of CVCD since 2010. Despite the long distance, as he is the current CEO of VisionFund Mongolia based in Mongolia, he is very committed and passionate about the social development and contribution to Cambodia. He has led CVCD voluntarily with tireless commitment and dedication. 
With more than 13 years, he has very extensive experience with NGOs, micro finance and other business sectors. His skill and competence are exceptional, especially the integration between business and social development works. He has helped a number of NGOs to become social enterprises by providing business transformation consulting and support.
Mr. Savoeung holds a Master of Entrepreneurship and Project Management from
                                                              University Lumière Lyon II in Lyon, France and a Bachelor of Accounting from the
                                                              University of Management and Economics in Battambang Province, Cambodia.

NimithMr. Touch Nimith-Chairman Governing Board of Director








vdMr. Sam Sokung-Chairman Governing Board of Director