Capacity Development

    Capacity development is the process through which individuals, communities and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve our own development objectives. Capacity development lies at the heart of CVCD’s purpose. We provide annual training for teachers to have creativity so that they can be able to teach to a variety of learning styles using divers strategies. We believe that this training ensures teaching methodologies for new and experienced teachers. CVCD also provides training to help to build community infrastructure in Agriculture and Community Development. Agriculture training’s aim to strengthen the agricultural techniques implemented by Cambodian farmers. Training subjects include, theory of growing rice, how to use herbicide or pesticide, post-harvesting techniques, and animal. Self-Sustainability Project in Poor Community project provides training courses to community members. The SPPC Training sessions are offered in the areas of small business, the environment, family planning, and gender equality. These efforts are expected to improved living conditions, decrease poverty levels, and increase Non-Formal Education for Children.