Monthly meeting of November 2018

30 November 2018
To improve quality of education, CVCD’s Educaton Development Program is conducting its monthly meeting of November 2018. This meeting is to following up monthly teaching activities and listen concerns from teachers.

Meeting of the Board of directors, november 25, 2018

November 25, 2018
CVCD conducts Board of Directors meeting in Head Office Phnom Penh. The meeting was done to follow up day-to-day management, outcomes and approve next step plan. CVCD and management team express heartfelt for all Board of Directors and members for your busy time for this important meeting.

Executive Director and teamwork to visit Boriram school in Thailand

On November 19, 2018 Executive Director and Teamwork to visit Boriram school in Thialand. They are to discuss about leading and processing in  the school. Not only​ we want to cooperate with them to exchange experience 
between CVCD and Boriram.


Parent meeting by communities

We are at Ark Phiwat Meanchey community school express our heartfelt Thank You to Dr. Mary Anne Harron for Very Kind Support Reading Books and dental hygiene stuff for our kindergaten children. We are happy to listen children story books read by your co-workers.

The Opening Ceremony of Academic Year 2018-2019

Today marks another year of success! CVCD is organizing the Opening Ceremony for the New Academic Year 2018-2019. The ceremony convened many stakeholders to come and celebrate with us which include: Founder, Board Member, Local authority, Donors, NGOs Partners, School Representatives, Supporters/Sponsors, Parents, Students and CVCD staff members and teachers. The ceremony was held at Krang Angkrang Pi Community School.

The main purposes of this event include: 1) To present the annual achievement of Education Program for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, 2) To honour students who received best attendance record & Outstanding students, 3) To honour​​ 27 students who successfully graduated from our primary school level, 4) To strengthen the relationship between CVCD and Ministry of Education, NGOs Partners, Donors as well as local authorities.

Student group (A-H1) come from Australia 25/09/18

Today CVCD is hosting group of students come from Australia. They visit our community schools of Krang Angkrorng 2 and Kork Kleang 1. The students will find out about living condition of people, traditional and teaching English to students in the communities. Stay tune.

4 days Excom meeting for strategic plan

4 days (29-31 Aug to 01 Sep 2018) CVC’s Executive Committee members conduct their annual strategic meeting. This important meeting is to identify key challenges, strengthen the existing main activities and exploring future community supports. Thank for kind support.

Immersion Students Volunteer on 01-08 July 2018 come from Australia

Student volunteer groups come from Australia to visited via suburbs communities in Phnom Penh city. They are visited with people in communities and got knowledge cultural from them as living, eating, studying for children, learning form Khmer to English and English to Khmer with student via translator of them. Not only, group students has to do something for communities more than as cutting tire to do trash bins, bottle flowers, bathroom and panting coloring tire.


Snapshots on International Children’s Rights Day

On Friday, June 1st, 2018 CVCD organized our first time ever Children’s Rights Day at Domino Pizza, TK branch. The event was organized in order to celebrate and raise awareness around Children’s Rights. 60 children – grade 5 & 6, from two community schools in Arkphiwat Meanchey & Kok Kleang Pi community, plus 15 CVCD management team, staff members and teachers, as well as operation team from Domino Pizza, attended the event. The program included the children’s performance (dances), short play on the Right to Education followed by the study materials donation, pizza making observation and training. The event was closed by a solidarity lunch having pizzas with all the participants.

The event could not have happened without the support from Donimo Pizza brand providing us financial support, food and venue to organize the event. Mr. Sovanrith, General Manager, Donimo Pizza, noted that it was the first time for Domino Pizza to work with CVCD and we started small, but it will be bigger and more participants in the future. From all of us at CVCD and the children really appreciated the support and collaboration of Domino Pizza in helping us to make this event possible. We look forward to similar collaborations in the near future.


Event during Immersion

The activities students group come to visited in Cambodia through CVCD organization every year based on school communities to get knowledge such as living, culture, studying, traditional, …etc.

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