• Welcome speech of The US Donner in Official Opening of School year 2015-2016 on October 09, 2015
  • Welcome speech of the Executive Director of CVCD. The Official Opening of School year 2015-2016
  • Donation
    The ways give the present to students that graduated grade 6 up to grade 7
  • My Office
    The ways give gift and money
  • My Document
    Presided​​​ Excellency Puth Samith
  • Meeting Room
    Anally Report 2015-2016
  • Break Room
    Anally Report 2015-2016
  • Having Party
    Anally Report 2015-2016
  • Meeting
    Anally Report 2015-2016

Welcome to CVCD Organization


     22CVCD vision

A viable and sustained community where people embrace trust, solidarity, and respect.

CVCD Values

       1. Volunteerism

       2. Initiative

       3. Partnership

       4. Integrity

       5. Harmonization

  CVCD Mission

Cooperate with stakeholders, especially volunteers and local organizations, to help vulnerable groups to enjoy sustained lives for resolving their own problems themselves.

CVCD Principle:

    CVCD shall adhere to the eight principles of Good Governance 

       1. Transparency

       2. Role of Law

       3. Agreement 

       4. Equity

       5. High Effectiveness

       6. Responsiveness

       7. Accountability

       8. Participation 

Mission Videos